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DPH and OEMS Waivers/Advisories/Guidance

Memo: Mass OEMS shared the CLIA Laboratory Testing Requirements for Ambulance Services, issued 2/27/24. Issued along with was an FAQ document about CLIA requirements, that also includes helpful guidance on how to fill out the application form. Here's a link to the original e-mail that OEMS sent out to all ambulance services containing the aforementioned documents. Ambulance services have until February 28th, 2025, to be in compliance with these requirements. Most services will be able to do so by applying for and maintaining a CLIA waiver.

Memo: 2024 EMS Statewide Treatment Protocols, effective no later than April 22, 2024., issued 1/22/24. All services must have their members trained by the implementation date but may start using the new protocols as soon as training and/or equipment is made available.

Memo: Emergency Medical Service Personnel Vaccination for COVID-19 and Influenza, issued 11/27/23.

WMEMS has developed a sample declination/exemption form for EMS agencies to use in relation to the above memorandum. Follow this link to the document and download it from the site in your preferred format to edit with your agency's information.

Advisory: CPR and ACLS Training Requirements – Hands-On Skills Evaluation Component, issued 11/27/23.

Advisory: Mortality and Morbidity (M&M) Rounds Required for All EMS Personnel, issued 11/21/23.

Updated A/R 2-212, EMS continuing education standards, issued 9/25/23

Clarification of "First Responder' under temporary P staffing waiver Clarification of First Responder for temporary P-staffing issued 6/26/23 NOTE: this is different from the EMT/"person trained to the FR level" staffing that is embedded in regulations.

Updated PPE Guidance & Infection Control Procedures Combined PPE Guidance & Infection Control Memos issued 5/5/23

WMEMS developed sample language for EMS agencies to use that will bring their infection control policies in compliance with the above memo. Follow this link to the sample language document and download it from the site in your preferred format to edit with your agency's information.

Special FLU Vaccination Protocol issued 11/3/2020

Final Order: Paramedic, Med Student, Nursing Student Flu Vaccine Administration issued 11/3/2020

Final paramedic flu vaccine administration issued 11/3/2020

10 Things (CDC Patient Handout)

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