Western Mass Emergency Medical Services

DPH and OEMS Waivers/Advisories/Guidance

ADVISORY: In-Person Classes (initial and continuing ed) Guidance issued 4/8/2021

AR 212 Continuing Education 2021 version issued 1/14/2021

Memo re: Emergency Update to Leave-Behind Narcan Protocol issued 12/10/2020

Emergency Protocol: Leave-Behind Narcan issued 12/10/2020

Special FLU Vaccination Protocol issued 11/3/2020

Final Order: Paramedic, Med Student, Nursing Student Flu Vaccine Administration issued 11/3/2020

Final paramedic flu vaccine administration issued 11/3/2020

Updated STP 1.2 Coronavirus Safety Precautions for ALL Patients issued 10/22/2020

Advisory (updated) Partial Lifting of Restriction on EMT/Paramedic classes released 9/16/2020

AR 212 Update for 2021 Recertification Requirements (released 8/25/20)

Lifting of Restrictions on Clinical and Field Rotations (released 6/29/20)

Extension of CPR and ACLS cards expiration dates (released 6/29/20)

Partial Lifting of Restrictions on EMT/Paramedic courses (released 5/23/2020

Resumption of Psychomotor Exam (released 5/23/2020)

BLS Placement of Supraglottic Airway in Cardiac Arrest (released 4/28/2020)

Temporary Certification Application for EMTs all levels (updated 4/8/20)

1.3 Emergency Non-Transport Protocol Change for COVID (released 3/29/20)

Emergency Waiver for EMS Non-Transport of COVID-19 Patients (released 3/29/20)

MEMO Details COVID Non-Transport STP (released 3/29/20)

10 Things (CDC Patient Handout)

First Responder Training & CPR Extension Waiver (released 3/24)

MEMO Summarizing Emergency Changes & Updates Related to COVID-19 (released 3/20/20)

Emergency Changes to Protocol 1.2 for Patients At Risk For COVID-19 (released 3/20/20)


Below are links to the ARs and waivers that have come out from DPH in response to COVID. Please read these documents carefully so you understand them. I have highlighted critical areas in some of the documents.

Basic EMT Expiration Date Extension

Advanced & Paramedic Expiration Date Extensions

Distributive Ed Requirements/Limits adjusted for 2020 Expirations ONLY

Staffing Waiver for BLS and ALS ambulances until further notice

Guidance for Risk Assessment of Healthcare Providers with Potential Exposure in a Healthcare Setting

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