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DPH and OEMS Waivers/Advisories/Guidance

Commissioner's Order for temporary Healthcare Provider licenses issued 8/25/2021 NOTE: this order allows EMTs currently licensed in other states and individuals whose MA EMT card expired within the last 10 years to apply for temporary certification through 12/31/2021. Here is a link to the page explaining how to apply: Apply for Temporary EMT Card

Updated PPE Guidance for Healthcare Facilities Including EMS issued 8/16/2021

Re-issued Commissioner's Orders, Including Ambulance Staffing See Appendix A for FR/EMT staffing issued 6/14/2021

Documents Issued During the Declared Pandemic State of Emergency:

ADVISORY: In-Person Classes (initial and continuing ed) Guidance issued 4/8/2021

AR 212 Continuing Education 2021 version issued 1/14/2021

Memo re: Emergency Update to Leave-Behind Narcan Protocol issued 12/10/2020

Emergency Protocol: Leave-Behind Narcan issued 12/10/2020

Special FLU Vaccination Protocol issued 11/3/2020

Final Order: Paramedic, Med Student, Nursing Student Flu Vaccine Administration issued 11/3/2020

Final paramedic flu vaccine administration issued 11/3/2020

Updated STP 1.2 Coronavirus Safety Precautions for ALL Patients issued 10/22/2020

Advisory (updated) Partial Lifting of Restriction on EMT/Paramedic classes released 9/16/2020

AR 212 Update for 2021 Recertification Requirements (released 8/25/20)

Lifting of Restrictions on Clinical and Field Rotations (released 6/29/20)

Extension of CPR and ACLS cards expiration dates (released 6/29/20)

Partial Lifting of Restrictions on EMT/Paramedic courses (released 5/23/2020

Resumption of Psychomotor Exam (released 5/23/2020)

BLS Placement of Supraglottic Airway in Cardiac Arrest (released 4/28/2020)

Temporary Certification Application for EMTs all levels (updated 4/8/20)

1.3 Emergency Non-Transport Protocol Change for COVID (released 3/29/20)

Emergency Waiver for EMS Non-Transport of COVID-19 Patients (released 3/29/20)

MEMO Details COVID Non-Transport STP (released 3/29/20)

10 Things (CDC Patient Handout)

First Responder Training & CPR Extension Waiver (released 3/24)

MEMO Summarizing Emergency Changes & Updates Related to COVID-19 (released 3/20/20)

Emergency Changes to Protocol 1.2 for Patients At Risk For COVID-19 (released 3/20/20)


Below are links to the ARs and waivers that have come out from DPH in response to COVID. Please read these documents carefully so you understand them. I have highlighted critical areas in some of the documents.

Basic EMT Expiration Date Extension

Advanced & Paramedic Expiration Date Extensions

Distributive Ed Requirements/Limits adjusted for 2020 Expirations ONLY

Staffing Waiver for BLS and ALS ambulances until further notice EXTENDED as of June 14 2021, until Commissioner terminates

Guidance for Risk Assessment of Healthcare Providers with Potential Exposure in a Healthcare Setting

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