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Important COVID-19 Information

This page will be updated frequently with information and links that are important for EMS and First Responders.

MDPH Coronavirus Update Page This page is updated daily with critical Federal, State, CDC and DPH notifications, details and guidance. Many links here with useful info

PPE Information and request link

Are you getting low on PPE supplies? There is a process to file a request~no guarantee but at least it can get you into a queue for possible national stockpile release or access to items as they become available. No one is able to get all that they request, please anticipate your shortages, work to conserve PPE, share among agencies and file a request as soon as possible.
  1. You should always place an order with your usual supplier, if possible so supplies will come 'eventually'
  2. Put a regular facemask on your symptomatic patient, if at all possible~ if they are having difficulty breathing, place a NRB
  3. crew can use a regular facemask (not n95) unless there are aerosolizing tx going on (nebs, cpap, bvm, intubation)
  4. turn on the HVAC, close compartment between back and driver if possible.
  5. Minimize exposure of all crew members by limiting contact with suspected respiratory patients. (e.g., driver stays at foot of stretcher during patient loading, does not fasten straps, does not enter compartment,)
  6. A provider can use the same N95 for an entire shift IF it is kept contained between uses (e.g., ziplock baggie) and IF proper donning/doffing/handling methods are used. Don't touch the front of the mask, ever. Discard mask if the front becomes saturated).

Gowns are in short supply. Consider scrub tops and disposable 'sleeves' that can be donned before respiratory patients, and doffed immediately after.

To file a supply request with the WMASS HMCC please go to Resource Request Process Review the information needed, fill in the form and follow instructions to submit.
It would help us greatly to track your needs and assist with fulfillment if you would also forward a copy of your request to wmems@wmems.org

Important Links:

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Review Best Practices for Donning & Doffing Your Masks, Gowns & Gloves

Guidance from the CDC for EMS and 911 Centers

HEY! Are you using your disinfectant properly? Make sure to read the label and let it sit on surfaces the recommended time before you wipe it away! Current List of EPA-Approved Disinfectants

CME Medicare/Medicaid Current Emergencies update

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