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Recert Info for Affiliated and Unaffiliated EMTs

If your EMT card expiration date is March 31 2022, your re-certification portal is expected to open sometime in October 2021.

Everyone will begin their recert process at www.nremt.org Massachusetts only accepts MA-approval numbers and CAPCE approval numbers as proof of valid continuing education.

  • If you hold a National Registry card, you will complete that process first, and then move to the Massachusetts E-Licensing page.
  • If you hold a MA-only card, you will complete your transcript/pay your hosting fee at NREMT, then move to the Massachusetts E-Licensing page.

WAIVER: For cards expiring March 31 2022, ALL continuing education may be completed ON-LINE if you wish.


You are actively working and affiliated with an agency that provides patient care. (with or without an ambulance) You will work with your Agency's Designated Training Officer to participate in training and complete all recert requirements.

Unaffiliated: You are not actively working in pre-hospital patient care in Massachusetts. If you are Nationally-Registered, you will select 'inactive' as your "my certification' status at NREMT:

  • You will complete and enter your education into your transcript.
  • You will assign your education to the required categories and renew your NREMT, then you will renew your MA EMT card
  • Reminder that THIS YEAR, you may take all classes ONLINE

If you are Massachusetts-Only (No NREMT certification), and your residence is in Region 1, you must affliate with WMEMS Region 1 office and we will act as your Training Officer. You will enter your education into your transcript, assign your education into the required categories and fill out your application. Once the application is submitted WMEMS will review your education for approval. You can save time by uploading your proof of education into your transcript. Otherwise you must provide copies to our office by email, fax or US mail.

Review all renewal instructions and get the link to see your expiration status:

Renewal Instructions for All Levels

Special Credit

Are you taking a nursing/PA/RT program, or college classes to prep for them or other healthcare positions? If so, you may be able to obtain special credit towards the Local and Individual portions of your requirements.

HERE is the new special credit form you need to fill out and submit with backup documentation to OEMS.

Don't delay, it can take a month or more to review the documents. Be sure to have backup education and your NCCR squared away just in case.

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