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NEW OEMS ADVISORY issued on 4/8/21! In-person trainings CAN be held, provided you adhere to the requirements in the document.on skills practice. (You can still continue to hold T-3 and T-5 trainings).

T3 and T5 applications require a summative or modular quiz. A copy of the quiz must be submitted with the application and outline.

NCCR Application Policies

Only the 2016 Version of the NCCP can be used to recertify .
Do you want topic or session approval numbers for NCCR?

Continuing Ed Applications:

  • All continuing ed applications must be received by the Region 1 Office a minimum of 3 (THREE) weeks (21 calendar days) before the scheduled class. We are sorry to make this change but due to budget cuts and resulting staff-hour cuts, we require the additional time to review your applications.

  • applications with a class start date of less than 21 days from receipt of documents will be returned.

  • Applications are accepted by email, fax, US Mail (or equivalent) and in-person. We do not accept applications via Google docs or any other document-sharing program

  • All Applications must include an outline (except in cases where a regional or state 'standardized' outline will be used) and the other details listed in the 'format' section of the application. Applications for classes longer than 1 hours MUST include a time-based outline, per OEMS requirements. If you have any questions about outlines, please email us Email WMEMS About Training Application Questions

  • "Blanket" Approval numbers run from April 1 2021 to March 31 2022. Blanket Approval means the same outline and timeframe must be used. List possible instructors on application. You are required to notify the office when you are going to run a T2 class. Email us: wmems@wmems.org

You can find an editable application HERE

You can find an editable OEMS Roster HERE

Be sure to review Administrative Requirement 2-212 (updated in June 2021) so you are aware of what qualifies as EMS continuing education. Instructors (or Training Officers) are required to provide each attendee with either (1) a signed copy of the OEMS roster or (2) a course attendance/completion certificate. AR 212 details the required information for course certificates.

Don't forget to SIGN your application! Contact us with questions 413-586-6065 or wmems@wmems.org

We make every effort to review and approve your application in a timely fashion, however please be aware that we receive hundreds of applications every year. Reviews take time. If you are approaching your scheduled class date and haven't heard from us, please be in touch. (and check your email--we send the approval form back to the email listed under 'program sponsor', as a scanned document it may have ended up in your junk file)

If you need to postpone your T1 program for any reason, please notify us of the new date so we can change it in the database, and also so we can ensure the approval number is still valid.

Paramedic Training Officers: Please be sure to review the revised (2018) standards for Paramedic 12-lead ECG Competency HERE


OEMS has awarded standardized numbers for certain classes. Approval numbers can be used ONCE per recertification period. Applications for these programs are not needed however you must follow certain guidelines in order for the numbers to be used: (These numbers EXPIRE 3/31/22)

1. Notify your Regional office that you plan to hold a class

2. Attendees must sign an official OEMS Roster

3. Training Officers or Instructors must provide a certificate of attendance to participants--an ACLS, CPR, PHTLS etc card is NOT sufficient to meet this requirement, you must provide an actual certificate.

4. You may only claim the allowed number of hours. You may claim as the instructor OR the participant, not both.

Here are the approval numbers and hours for the most popular classes

Standardized Numbers
ACLS Refresher (AHA) 6 hours 2122-R0-10011-T4
Adv Medical Life Support (AMLS) NAEMT 16 hours 2122-R0-10012-T4
AMLS Refresher NAEMT 4 hours 2122-R0-10013-T4
BLS CPR Healthcare Provider Refresher (AHA) 4 hours 2122-R0-10014-T4
Emergency Pediatric Care (NAEMT) 16 hours 2122-R0-10015-T4
FEMA-NIMS: IS-100.b (only online) 3 hours 2122-R0-10017-T3
FEMA-NIMS: IS-200.b (only online) 3 hours 2122-R0-10018-T3
PALS (AHA) 8 hours 2122-R0-10024-T4
PALS Refresher (AHA) 6 hours 2122-R0-10025-T4
PEPP (AAP) 8 hours 2122-R0-10026-T4
PEARS (NAEMT) 8 hours 2122-R0-10027-T4
PHTLS (NAEMT) 16 hours 2122-R0-10029-T4

Stay Informed!

Be sure you are on our T.O. email distribution list! You can email us directly at wmems@wmems.org or go to our 'contact page' and submit your information. We send out relevant updates and notices from OEMS, NREMT, and our office!


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