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Nero’s Law

The Nero's Law administrative requirement was updated by OEMS on 11/27/23. The training deadline for currently certified technicians working for ambulance services is still 2/10/24. Language was added for newly certified and/or hired technicians after the 2/10/24 date to be able to work in the field with the didactic training only with completion of the practical training within 1 year. Here is a link to the updated version: A/R 2-270 (updated 11/27/23)

Practical Training Needs Assessment:
WMEMS is trying to gauge the need for Regional-based Nero's Law pracitcal training. Our goal is to host 1 or 2 larger-sized practical training sessions in the coming fiscal year here in Western Mass. If you are in need of this training please complete this form at your earliest convenience so we can work out when and where to best schedule these programs. Service leadership can fill this form out on behalf of their members: it does not need to be completed by the party in need.

update 4/28/23 ONLINE DIDACTIC TRAINING is available! Region 2 is hosting the training video on their Learning Management System.
Here is the link to register: On-Line Didactic Nero Training Training is free but you must use this key to register:
Reg1WMA-Nero (note, this Key is for Region 1 EMTs only. Outside Region 1 consult your Regional Office)
This program is approved for 1.5 hours EMS credit; you will receive a certificate of completion at program conclusion

We have training equipment to loan at no cost! Thanks to funding from the Western Regional Homeland Security Council, we have the following equipment available for REGION 1 agencies to borrow:

  • 12 Canine CPR manikins
  • 3 Advanced canine manikins
  • 12 practice muzzles
  • 12 canine oxygen masks
  • 12 canine tourniquets

Call our office 413-586-6065 to reserve. There is no cost to borrow this equipment, provided it is returned in good condition.

Agencies can begin providing K-9 care as soon as staff is trained and any required equipment is stocked.

All EMTs working for ambulance services are required to have initial training and then refresher training (didactic only) every 2 years. If the agency has a waiver from OEMS to not participate in the K9 Program, staff is not required to attend training.

EMTs who do not work for ambulance services are not required to have the training and are encouraged to step back and allow those who must have it as part of their work responsibilities to have first availability.

Agencies can apply for a waiver by writing a letter to the OEMS Director. The letter must include justification based on the wording in the Law " "The department may grant a waiver from this section if the department determines that compliance poses a safety risk to the public." We suggest that an example of 'safety risk' might include extremely long transport times to POE-designated veterinarian services with limited mutual aid available.

Required Documents:

Administrative Requirement 2-270: Requirements for Police Dog Treatment and Transport for EMS

K-9 Care Protocols BLS Only

K-9 Point Of Entry Plan

Decontamination and Sanitization

Administrative Requirement 5-401K9: BLS Equipment List for Police Dog Care

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